Berrywise is an authorized seller of prime tickets and hotel accommodations for the Cincinnati Music Festival.  These tickets and accommodations are in high demand and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.  Berrywise obtains exclusive access to a finite number of excellent blocks of prime tickets and hotel accommodations.  We then make them available at reasonable, competitive prices.  Arising from previous endeavors, some of us have been around this business for over 40 years and our mission is to win you over as a satisfied long term valued patron.

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Each year Berrywise Enterprise will conduct a survey of Artists for upcoming Festivals.  We are not making any guarantees; we just want to let the promoters know who you would like to see perform. Join the email list to be included in the next survey.  Join

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2019 Cincinnati Music Festival 
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Our Key Benefits

  • Exclusive access to Prime Tickets that are in High Demand

  • Prime Hotel Accommodations that are in High Demand

  • Hotel & Tickets Packages

  • Online, Mail Order or Payment Plan Purchasing

  • ​Group Rates (Min. 10 Full Packages or 10 Tickets/Night)

  • Various Payment Methods Accepted (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, PayPal, Certified Check or Money Order)​

  • Tickets Are Emailed or Picked Up at "Will Call"

  • ​Hotel Confirmations 3 Weeks Prior to Event

  • USPS Certified Shipping for Your Safety, Tracking Number Provided (signature required)

  • ​Up-to-Date Festival Information​​